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Online Homeschool Curriculum

Online homeschooling has become a preferred way by most parents who wish to expand the earning criteria for their children. The traditional education system limits your learning capacity, but using the inexplicit power of the internet, students can have a broader perspective towards learning.

If you need a customized learning program with flexible timing, you can take our help at Zion Academy Of America. Offering a homeschool program online for the past thirty years, we can assure you that your child will receive the best education under our guidance. We have a comprehensive online homeschooling curriculum from grade school to high school.

Overview Of Our Online K-12 Homeschooling Curriculum 

Zion Academy is a Christian-based online school for kids, which provides an engaging and interesting way of learning to kids of all ages. Combining the traditional print-based methods of learning with modern standards of online schooling, we deliver programs and courses that develop the skills of your child while also helping them learn things at their own pace.

Our online homeschooling curriculum contains the following programs for kids of different grades:

1) Online Homeschool For Grade 3-12:

This program is designed to help students through the skill-building and character-building process. By providing Ignitia through Alpha Omega Publications, we help students become self-sufficient while mastering thinking capabilities.

This course especially benefits high school students. High school students gain experience through our online courses in technology, which can boost their confidence while applying for college.

2) Print-Based Homeschool For Grades K-3:

The objective of all our curriculums revolves around the idea of making students independent and confident in their learning skills. This online homeschooling curriculum consists of material from Accelerated American Education, Inc. which helps in establishing a strong foundation for the students.

The academically proven program offers higher education to your kids in an advanced way and helps them to master their developmental talents.

3) Homeschool For Grades 1-8:

We have carefully designed our homeschooling curriculum to help build a strong educational foundation for your child without the need for going to school. Our phonics course enables elementary students with reading difficulties to improve their understanding of words.

The students are moved to the next stage once they master their reading skills. The children are moved to the next courses to improve their basic concepts, and we continually support them to work unassisted by boosting their morale. There are five classes included in the tuition and additional classes will cost you $15 per course.

4) Online And Print-Based For Grades 3-6:

If you intend to take both print-based as well as online classes, we provide a curriculum that helps you get the best of both. You must include a maximum of 2 print-based classes along with the online classes. Adding more online classes will cost you around $15 per course. And including more online courses will cost you $25 per course monthly.

All these programs will help you academically, but we also offer the best homeschool summer school programs to help you gain more knowledge during your free hours in summer.

Contact Zion Academy Of America to enroll in the best Christian homeschool solution at: 682-250-6088.

Online Homeschool Curriculum
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