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The Closers Lab: Live Calls with MAX “El Cerrador” JIMENEZ | 4-28-22

The Closers Lab: Live Calls with MAX "El Cerrador" JIMENEZ | 4-21-22

The Closers Lab: Live Calls with MAX “El Cerrador” JIMENEZ | 4-28-22

Watch and listen to Closers Olympics Finalist MAX “El Cerrador” JIMENEZ doing what he does; LIVE!

Video replay of the episode | The Closers Lab: Live Calls with MAX “El Cerrador” JIMENEZ | 4-28-22

The Closers Lab: Live Calls with MAX “El Cerrador” JIMENEZ | 4-28-22

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Max Jimenez is the founder of MCO (Max Cash Offers) a thriving wholesale real estate company based in Phoenix, AZ. Migrating to other markets such as Oklahoma City & Tulsa, Max has also been a huge part of the innovation in teaching sales in wholesale real estate which has helped MCO reach over $1 Million in assignment fees in 2021 alone.

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