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How to Work Less and Make More: Lessons from a real estate investor

How to Work Less and Make More: Lessons from a real estate investor

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

Jason Lewis started flipping houses at the beginning of 2012. My first flip was a small 1,500 sq. ft. bungalow which he flipped for $20,000 profit. At the time, he was working full time. He knew what he wanted to do, so he worked hard

Lesson: “If you think you’re too busy to start investing in real estate, you might want to rethink that.”

How can I develop a second source of income? -By flipping or wholesaling 149 properties for $3 MM in profits just this year by leveraging his lead managers, mail and lists to use data effectively and efficiently. He spends less than five hours a week running his business

Lewis often asked how can he develop a second source of income? He has have been flipping or wholesaling 149 properties for $3 MM in profits just this year. He has been able to do so by leveraging my lead managers, mail and lists to use data effectively and efficiently. In the process, Lewis has been able to spend less than five hours a week running my business which generates me more than $150K a month in passive income.

Outsource small tasks

What tasks can I outsource to my VA? One of the most important tasks you can delegate to your VA is lead management. This will allow you to scale your business and will give you more time to work on other key elements of running a successful real estate business. Depending on how fast or slow your VA responds, you should have a dedicated VA for managing leads for 10-12 hours a day. The other thing that a VA can help with is researching data from sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. If I have too many leads coming in one day or it’s been slow, I’ll use my VA to research data from those sites so that I don’t waste time looking up listings myself.

What are some different types of small tasks that people might outsource? When you are starting a new company or launching a new product, there are often the exciting moments of big dreams coming to fruition. However, then come the frustrating and arduous days of tasks that need to be completed such as drawing up contract templates and following up with potential customers.

Many people hire attorneys, accountants and salespeople in order to take care of the day-to-day tasks that bog them down. They may also outsource their work like surveys and graphic design in order to focus on what they do best and in return free up more time for innovation in their business.

And if this is not enough, hiring virtual assistants can make your life easier when it comes to answering e-mails and scheduling meetings.

What are some benefits of outsourcing small tasks rather than doing them yourself? Do you dread updating your contact lists and other tasks? It’s time to consider outsourcing those duties so you can focus on the big picture. Lead manager, who manages real estate agents, wrote a blog to share his successes with those looking for ways to grow their business.

Jason Lewis is a marketing master.  He co-founded the Investor Machine which is one of the nations leading marketing services for real estate investors specializing in industry leading lists and mailing services.  He has been in the business since 2012.  His first 5 years were spent at working at a flipping company which went from 12 to over 150 flips a year in his tenure there as right-hand man to the company owner.  From there he started his own flip/wholesale operation in at the end of 2017.  In his first full year the company’s assignment fees plus net flip profits totaled for 1 million.  Year 2 was over 2 million and year 3 over 4 million.  Creation Utah is pacing to do between 3 and 4 million this year and is run on less than 5 hours a week of Jason’s involvement.

How to Work Less and Make More: Save time

How can I manage time with a lot of work? A lot of people ask me about time management because they are drowning in work. It is difficult to know where to focus when you have so much on your plate, but there are some steps that can help.

The first thing you need to do is figure out the most important tasks in your daily routine, this might involve finding what you’re best at or what brings you the most joy. This way, when things get tough, you can keep moving in the right direction towards your goals instead of wasting time wandering around looking for something new to do. Then list these tasks in order.

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